Love of God

I want to bask in the love of God. I’ll say it again; I want to BASK in the love of GOD. I don’t want to ask for a portion of love, but I want to take advantage of everything God is giving me. I want it all. Not just a little bit, I want it all. As I was worshiping God in my living room, singing “show me your glory…show me your glory…I see the cloud I run in…I jump in…” God was telling me how so often I ask him for more of himself, asking him to gift me an extra portion of his love and more of his spirit. And that’s totally what I want, except I want MORE! The visual that comes to my mind is from the story Oliver Twist that was made into some movies. When Oliver gets in the food line at the orphanage a second time asking “please sir, I want some more.” I have the tendency to ask God to grace me with an added measure of himself, but it shouldn’t be from a stance as a poor beggar. I know that in the word of God (Isaiah 64:6) it says that compared to the Lord our greatest deeds are like filthy rags, but I believe that we decide that that’s where we belong even though we’ve been redeemed by the overpowering grace of God. It’s as though we think that we are filthy vagrants that God is allowing to experience a bit of himself, and that’s completely untrue. Without God’s intervention and sacrifice and grace, yes, we would merely be sick and depraved individuals in need of some serious help. But the thing is that God has already made us into something that has incredible worth, that has a place in the kingdom. I’m going to stop asking for more of God out of a sinner’s mindset, holding up my frail arms, begging for just a bit more of the Lord; I’m going to realize that he came to give me abundant life (John 10:10) and that doesn’t only mean in heaven after my body collapses in death. I am freely given a life of wholeness and depth that is for the here and now. I’m going to take advantage of what he’s giving me, take all I can get of this eternal and abundant life, not because I’m selfish and it’s all about me, me, me, but because I know that there’s nothing better than the love of God. So, why not accept the love of God with arms wide open, instead of being shy and approaching his love with any spirit of shame or guilt or apprehension. I also got the image of the love of God being like a snowy day. I’m lying on my back in the middle of the snow and moving my arms and legs all around, making snow angels, getting involved completely in the love of God because he offers it to me freely, in abundance.

A couple of songs on my heart right now:

Jesus Culture – “Show Me Your Glory”

SonicFlood – “Carried Away”

David Crowder Band – “Rescue Is Coming”


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